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A Braider's Heart Foundation

A Braider's Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children in the foster care system by providing them with entrepreneurial classes and essential supplies. We believe that every child deserves a chance to succeed and thrive, regardless of their circumstances. 


A Braider's Heart Foundation was established with the primary objective of equipping foster care children with the necessary skills and resources to achieve financial stability once they age out of the system. We aim to offer business classes, specifically focusing on braiding, makeup, and weave extensions, to foster their entrepreneurial spirit and provide them with practical skills that can lead to sustainable income opportunities.


We plan to organize comprehensive business classes that will empower foster care children with the skills and knowledge required to start their own braiding, makeup, or weave extension businesses. These classes will cover various aspects, including technical training, marketing strategies, financial management, and customer service.


All donations are accepted via zelle: 

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