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Alopecia clients


All clients that suffer from alopecia and or hair thinning/loss, must book a consultation. 

You may choose in person or virtual consultaion via zoom. Please keep in mind when booking a virtual consultation to enter in the correct email and phone number. 

During the consultation the stylist will access your hair to insure the integrity of your hair can withstand  protective style services & luxury extension service. 

We will discuss what service is best for you.


Protective style services

Protectives style services are extensive services depending on the technique being applied. 

Service fee of $150 will be added to the total amount of your service choice.

Deposit will be collected at the end of your consultation to secure your appointment.

All luxury services must be booked 1 week in advance.


Luxury Extension services

All luxury extension services,hair is sold separately, unless promoted otherwise.

I tip/Microlink 

Tape ins


Wig Install

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