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The Haus of Rosé

Haus of Rosé was founded by Beauté Renee in 2017. This luxury beauty haus was founded on the beliefs of building up confidence in all women of color, shape, and sizes. Haus of Beauté was built to be a staple in the beauty industry providing services and resources to educate and empower. It has been the mission of House of Rosé to provide multiple services for women and all of their beauty needs. Haus of Rosé consist of training certifications, Salon services, and excellent products that bring proven results. 



Thee Beauté Mogul

Owner of The Haus of Rosé

Hairstylist & MUA, 

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Beauté," has been a Beauty Mogul, Hairstylist & MUA for the past seven years and has over 20 years of styling experience. She gained this experience while growing up as she admired her mother's unique talent transforming people inside and out just from doing their hair. This sparked a deep passion inside her as she realized it was more than just doing hair. Over time, she noticed her gift allowed her to make a difference in her client's life, and that's the real beauty in the beauty industry.

Beaute enjoys using her knowledge to create exactly what her clients envision when they sit down in her chair. She is known for enhancing every women's look to feel empowered and comfortable wearing their hair. Beaute's work has appeared in the SixNine Gooba music video, and she has worked with Jonathan Wright, SixNine, and OhSoyouJade.

She is set to release her hair care line coupled with the launching of her new business venture, RoséKollection, which is her luxury hair extensions and Wigs line. She specializes in up-do's, making her the go-to person to make you look the very best for any event.

About  Beauté


☺️ omg I’ve been in Texas for a year and finally found my stylist is very polite, professional , and gave me so much information on my hair and ways to maintain my natural hair. I love her and was blessed that she blessed my head! I’ll most definitely be a returning faithful customer of hers. Thank you darling and continue to prosper in your craft. You’re amazing! ❤

- Kia Marie

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