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I Tip Services

At the Haus of Rosé we carry two top tier methods of extensions. The Microbeads also known as Itips, which are individual strands applied with a metal bead. The second method is our Rosé Wefts, applied by a sewing technique. Both methods require no heat, glue or mess and we believe are the safest on the market for beautiful hair and work on all types of hair. All consultations are complimentary and required before booking an extensions appointment to schedule call 855-675-2804

All installations require a $650 NON REFUNDABLE RETAINER.

There is $200 feed in addition to the adjustment cost if you go over 6 weeks.

Maintenance pricing 

  • $225 for 3 bags

  • $250 for 4 bags

  • $275 for 5 bags

  • $300 for 6 bags

1 filler bag: $500 

Filler bag does not included maintenance. Filler bag must be scheduled with an adjustment appointment.

Extension Reinstall Fee: $350

Extension Removal Fee : $65 an hour

Extension Refresher $75 service to Re Tip hair and change beads( Recommended Every 2 adjustments)

Mini Rosé

Price: $1950

3 bags of custom made hair includes Installment cut & style.


Rosé on the Slay

Price: $2150 

4 bags of custom made hair

includes installment cute & style 


Rosé all day

Price: $2450

5 bags of Custom made Hair.

Includes installment cut & style.


The rosé way 

price: 2750

6 bags of custom made hair.

Includes installment cut & style.

Let's Work Together

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